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Butterfly Earrings with Citrine Bohemian Collection: This beautiful butterfly and citrine earrings is a part of our Bohemian Collection which delves into the spirituality of many cultures and their symbolism. In many ancient cultures, the butterfly symbolizes the human soul and its journey through life. In fact, the Greek word for butterfly is 'psyche' which means soul. In Ireland, the butterfly was thought to be a good omen and to kill a white butterfly bad luck. Irish mythology also holds that the butterfly can easily slip between worlds. In Native American mythology, the butterfly was thought to bring wishes and prayers to the Great Spirit by carefully capturing the butterfly without harming it and whispering your prayer before letting it fly away into the heavens. Citrine is considered the stone of alignment and can bring enlightenment, warmth, and clarity to its wearer. Combined with the additional energies of moonstone, garnet, and turquoise this earrings will be quite a statement piece for any outfit, a great gift for someone special or a powerful talisman of the souls' journey through life.

Pewter Butterfly and Citrine - Earrings

SKU: BH106
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